Read what puppy buyers across the country are saying about their Haus Brezel puppies.

Our beautiful German Shepherd puppies have found loving families in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and beyond.

Piper is stunning!


Piper is stunning! Everywhere we go, people stop us to ask about her. Her coloring is so perfect!

Sarasota, FL


Beautiful Piper v Haus Brezel, 5 mo. old Ronaldo/Nikki daughter

Such beautiful German Shepherds!

Gus and Gertie

Gus & Gertie are such beautiful German Shepherds. They grow more beautiful each day!

Our trainer, great guy with a long history of training German Shepherds, loved both dogs. Said he seldom sees such well-bred GS. He was especially impressed with Gertrude, who naturally has a strong desire to please. Wonderful report.

Rob G
Sarasota, Florida

Gus & Gertie v Haus Brezel
6 mo. old Tommy von der Zenteiche daughter and 6 mo. old Ronaldo/Nikki v Haus Brezel daughter.

Mina has brought so much happiness!


Toni, I just want you to know that Mina has brought our family so much happiness and brightened our world. If you were here in New York, I would be hugging you so tight. I want to say, each pup we have purchased from you has brought us so much love, laughter and protection. You are the best! I am glad I found you.

Ellen S.
New York