We are pleased to announce the arrival of:

V Ronaldo von der Liebeswarte, IGP 3, FH 2

V Ronaldo von der Liebeswarte

Ronaldo “Rony” at stud.
He brings absolute correct size, rich pigment, dark eye, dark mask,
super overall structure and excellent temperament.


His maternal grandfather: Swe. Sieger: VA 1 Conbhairean Uno

VA Finn v d Piste Trophie

His fraternal father: VA Finn v d Piste Trophie

VA Romero v Bad-Boll, Sch. 3, here in America!

VA Romero v bad-Boll, Sch. 3

We are very excited to add Romero (“Romy”) to our Haus Brezel breeding program.  
Romero is a proven producer of top winning dogs throughout Europe.

Romero Breed “Koer” Report:
“BIG, power, masculine and strong type – and expression, very good relationship, long withers, firm, straight back, good croup, proportioned chest proportions, very good angulation, correct front, front and rear stepping, very good far reaching gait, strong and powerful gait. Recomended to build typey males and improve overall type and bone strength.”

Reserve early for Romero puppies…

We are excited to add another great stud dog with outstanding pedigree to our breeding program...

V Formann v Schloss Rugland, Sch. 3

Formann Sire: VA Leo v Zenteiche, Sch. 3

V 1 Formann v Schloss Rugland, IPO 3
V Formann v Schloss Rugland, Sch. 3


Breed “Koer Report”

“Large, full bodied, strong, dry and firm, stretched. Very good expression, very well pigmented, good imprint. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good length and position of croup. Very good angulation, balanced chest ratios, straight front. Straight lined, flat bottomed aisles with very powerful supply, very good back transmission and free precedence with very good sublime. Powerful and full bodied male. Recommended for improving size factor and anatomy and movement.”

Reserve early for Formann puppies.

Haus Brezel is proud to announce the addition of:

VA Ando v. d. Hopfenhalle, Sch. 3

VA Ando v. d. Hopfenhalle, Sch. 3

Ando earned his VA distinction at his first Sieger Show in Dallas, TX in 2011
USA Sieger Show, April 29-May 11, 2011

His critique was excellent:

Large male
Excellent pigment
Strong male head
Excellent front and rear angulation
Very good movement at all levels of gaiting
Ando brings power in his protection work, and because of his open pedigree he is an excellent candidate for all females.

Ando is standing in Germany at this time for stud. Check back to find out when he will be in the U.S.

Ando puppies will be coming soon! Reserve early!

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Haus Brezel is proud to announce the availability of:

V Ustinov v Haus Brezel, Sch. 3

V Ustinov v Haus Brezel, Sch. 3
Lifetime Breed Survey

Sire: VA Ando v Hopfenhalle, Sch. 3
Dam: VA Lissy v Baruther Land, Sch. 3

Ustinov is one of Ando’s top young males in North America.

We are proud to make him available for stud. Ustinov has tremendous temperament, gorgeous rich red and black, striking dark mask, absolutely correct size, excellent overall structure.

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In Memory of My Beloved Burschy
March 22, 1998.- June 23, 2006

2 0 0 1  N O R T H  A M E R I C A N  S I E G E R

VA1 Burschy zum alten Eichenhof, Sch. III, IPO3 (278 pts.)

VA1 Burschy zum alten Eichenhof, Sch. III, IPO3 (278 pts.)
SZ 2014500, kkl, DNA, ZW 80

V-34 World Sieger Show – Bremen, Germany 2000
V-13 Italian Sieger Show 2001
VA2 Vice Sieger – Switzerland 2001
2001 North American Sieger
2003 USA Vice Sieger
5 x VA