Repeat Haus Brezel Owners

Repeat Haus Brezel owners Gil Gatch Summerville, SC Sherlock v Haus Brezel, Ultra v Liebeswarte son


Best Greeters Ever!

Hi, Toni. Hope you are all doing well. Here is an updated photo of Adino & Phinehas, greeting me a the front door. 😊 They are the greatest! They are best buds and are inseparable! Al & Audrey W. Charlotte, NC Repeat Haus Brezel owners. 8 yr. old Adino v Haus Brezel and now 6 […]


Walker Bear is awesome!

Thanks again, Toni, for enriching our lives with this adorable knucklehead!   Walker Bear, he’s awesome! Ken Inch Charlotte, NC 4th Haus Brezel Puppy Ronaldo son


Cosmo is excelling!

Hi, Toni. I hope you have a great 4th of July. This is a picture of Cosmo taken this morning. He’s doing great and is excelling in his puppy training. Brian S. Hillsboro, NC Cosmo v Haus Brezel, Ronaldo son.

yasko willow

Yasko and Willow are the best Shepherds I have ever owned!

Yasko and Willow are the best Shepherds I have ever owned! Thank you for breeding these amazing creatures. The impact you have on our lives through these little ones is something that I will be eternally grateful for.  Thanks again, Toni. They are priceless! Maria C. St. Petersburg, FL Yasko v Haus Brezel, Arman v […]


Falco is stunning!

Falco is stunning! I love his face! His coat is magnificent. It is so healthy. He is a brilliant dog. He loves nothing more than for us to throw his rope down the yard. He runs super fast to get it and bring it back to us to throw again. He is well socialized. Whenever […]


Duke is a great and responsive puppy

Duke is a very protective dog over me. I’ve never experienced a dog this young have so much ambition and devotion. He is such a great and responsive puppy. Tom Jones, Keystone. FL Duke v Haus Brezel, 9 mo. old Fabia/Ronaldo son.  


Ranger is very sweet

Here is an updated picture of Ranger. He is very sweet and loves his mom. He is a lover of all other dogs and has been gentle with his new (feline) sibling. Nick & Gina I., Sarasota FL 8 mo. old Ranger v Haus Brezel, Fabia/Ronaldo son


Xander is a walking advertisement

Hey, Toni. We have become a walking advertisement for Haus Brezel German Shepherds! We are socializing Xander and everyone wants to know where we got him. We love him so much and you did a great job picking him out for us. Thank you. Paula & Ron W., Sarasota FL Xander a Fabia/Ronaldo puppy.


We love Brady!

Brady is doing so great. We love him! Another beautiful Haus Brezel German Shepherd! Donny D., Naples FL 8 mo. Old Brady v Haus Brezel, Ronaldo/Fabia son.